2021 AGM Information

All information regarding the upcoming AGM can be found below.

Ashley Services Group 2021 Annual General Meeting

The 2021 AGM for Ashley Services Group will be held on:

4th of November 2021
Commencing at 10:00 am
Held via Microsoft Teams. Video Conference information can be found in the (Cover Letter) below.

2021 has seen the Ashley Services Group deliver an outstanding result. The adjustments we put in place last year to our systems and operations to cope with a COVID impacted work environment have served us well and played a significant role in our strong performance.

As with the previous year, whilst COVID provided operational challenges for us, in many ways it also created opportunities for growth, particularly in Action Workforce with its high exposure to the supply chain sector.

The year also saw us welcome The Instruction Company (TIC) into the Ashley Services Group family, broadening our offer to the rail sector. In its acquisition year we expanded the geographical footprint of The Instruction Company and look forward to this driving additional growth opportunities for this business well into the future.

Track Safety Australia (TSA) launched in December 2020 leveraging both our long term labour hire pedigree and our rail sector experience gained through Concept Engineering. TSA is a specialist provider for Rail Worksite Protection staff and Rail Safeworking staff.

The long delivered impressive safety performance of our company continued throughout 2021 and we remain at world’s best practice levels which is something we are extremely proud of.

This years’ achievement is a testament to our 270 internal staff who have followed a simple rule of “focus on the customer” which allows everything else to fall into place.

Documents relevant to the 2021 AGM can be found below.